About Us

The purpose of the LGBT Fallen Heroes Fund is to identify and honor those fallen LGBT Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMS, and members of the Military who have dedicated their lives to their communities and give recognition to their survivors.

The men and women who have been called to these careers put their lives on the line daily. In addition to their dangerous vocations, they often have to hide their orientation for fear of being discriminated against, bullied, or even fired.

All to often the surviving partner and family are left out of any recognition or support; excluded from memorial services, denied financial support, and possibly shunned by the agency and their local community.

One of the greatest challenges faced by those in public safety is the inherent risk of our vocations; sometimes costing the ultimate price – losing one’s life in the line of duty. Many LGBT heroes have died while serving their communities, leaving behind many who love and depend on them.

Understanding these issues, the people behind the fund have spearheaded annual LGBT public safety events during National Police Week in Washington, DC for several years. Recognizing the overwhelming need that is present we have expanded our focus to all of our uniformed public servants and officially founded the LGBT Fallen Heroes Fund in May 2012.